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Now I must apologize ahead of time for my opinions on this album, as I try to keep my personal opinions out of my reviews. But, this album almost required my personal opinion.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to Fleshgod Apocalypse yet, I must tell you, you’re missing out. This band is fantastic. They formed in 2007, so the band have a few years yet, but this is definitely a good album to listen to. They are listed as Classical Death Metal or Symphonic Death Metal, have you, one of my favorite sub-genres of Death Metal.


Holy Motherfucking Shit.

The first impression I had of this album was a shit load of “FUCKs”, but in a good way. When I had listened to the first few minutes of the album I must say I was blown away. It started great, it continued its greatness, and finished with that much more. Elegy is possibly my favorite song off of the album. Its just so good, and dare I say, so fucking brutal. Listening to the album in its entirety at once, I can say I’m almost speechless about how well done this album is. I mean, personally, I could listen to this album on repeat for a while. Its THAT good. Go buy it, or regret it.

Now I am a chick, and a metal chick at that. And no I don’t mean “Ohmygod BVB!!” (Make it fucking stop). I mean Meshuggah loving, Wintersun praising, Finntroll fangirl. I go to shows, I get ridiculed, then I SCHOOL them in everything they think they know (Can we say high horse? No, I grew up on metal, dad’s a metalhead, uncle’s a metalhead, mom’s a Deadhead. I KNOW my shit.)

Disclosure: Please note, I support music, I love music, and I spend a shitload of money on music. Please buy merchandise from the bands, whether it be albums, or t-shirts. Just like everyone else they need to make a living, and can’t do so if you illegally download. Please support music.


I do not own either photographs in this blog/review and if I had copyright information I would credit them.

Track Listing:

1. Kingborn (6:06)

2. Minotaur (Wrath of Poseidon) (5:10)

3. Elegy (4:19)

4. Towards The Sun (5:42)

5. Warpledge (4:32)

6. Pathfinder (5:12)

7. The Fall of Asterior (4:40)

8. Prologue (1:07)

9. Epilogue (5:44)

10. Under Black Sails (7:27)

11. Labyrinth (4:26)