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Before I begin the review, here’s a little summary on the band just in case you are unaware of who they are.

Hailing from Finland, Turisas released their first full length album “Battle Metal” in 2004. Since then, they’ve had three other releases including the release of “TURISAS2013”. They had also named themselves after an ancient Finnish god of war. Fitting, eh?

I became a fan in 2009, only 2 years after the release of “The Varangian Way“. If I could remember the name of the compilation album they were on, I’d credit it, but I can’t remember anything other than it was some sick pagan metal. An ex-boyfriend and I were set out on a metal quest for new and interesting music, and knowing we both loved Amon Amarth and Týr, made it that much more interesting.

And on that note: ONTO THE NEW ALBUM!

So far so pagan, just like the band themselves. After listening to this album in its entirety, I’ve come to realize that Turisas is like a bottle of wine, it just gets better and better with age. There was always something that I loved about Mathias Nygård‘s vocals and the fact that they had Ollie Vänskä on a violin, but this album only strengthened that love. The new album has a symphonic sound as “TVW” did and still the same “Battle Metal” they’ve always been, although there is something different about it. “Run Bhang-Eater, Run!” is an excellent example of what I mean. Its pagan, and folk, and definitely Turisas, but they seem to sneak in a little what sounds like Jazz, with the faint moans of a woman in the background. That flew me for a loop when I heard it but it’s definitely a fun song. Well almost as fun as “No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea”. As a single, “Ten More Miles” brings almost everything you expect in a new Turisas album, and an excellent choice for a first single.

Well, I now leave you with the recommendation of buying this album. It’s a great album and its a lot of fun. I personally can not wait until they tour near me.

Track Listing:

1. For Your Own Good (4:34)

2. Ten More Miles (4:16)

3. Piece by Piece (5:37)

4. Into The Free (3:50)

5. Run Bhang-Eater, Run! (4:43)

6. Greek Fighter (4:51)

7. The Days Passed (4:33)

8. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea (2:51)

9. We Ride Together (6:33)