There is something about classic Deadpool that just makes me the happiest kid on Christmas. He’s fun, always action-packed, crude, a joker, and just all-around great to read.

In Deadpool vs. X-Force Issue No. 1, its starts out, after the first page, with Deadpool narrating his actions in the Revolutionary War. Just as Deadpool does in most of his comics (including the video game), it made me laugh out loud. He’s a fool, but I love him.

With Cable, Warpath, Boom Boom, Domino, and Cannonball close behind on Deadpool’s trail of destruction, I feel this story is gonna be just as fun as just about everything else Deadpool was in (I’m sorry for all the fans of this, however I was not a fan of Deadpool vs. The Marvel Universe series, it didnt feel right to me).

The art for this comic is pretty standard, but I cannot read a comic with art I can’t enjoy to look at as well. Its definitely well drawn, so when I say standard please don’t think I mean its not original, or badly put together. This comic is not that at all, I mean its perfect for the story. Its just not something that pops out at you because the art is so good not to pick up for that alone. I still love everything about it.

I would highly recommend reading this, even if you are remotely an X-Men/X-Force fan. Its a great read, a lot of fun, action-packed, and Deadpool is in it. Whats not to love? I only have one question: Where are all the fun voices to read inside Deadpool’s head?