I have to say, only recently have I discovered the sultry voice of Ms. Lana Del Rey. I had noticed her making a trend with the popular song “Young and Beautiful” making its fame from The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire. I was immediately hooked to her. She is dark, sexy, romantic, and has a glamour that just draws me to her. The kind of timeless Hollywood glamour you can’t help but love.

Her new album, Ultraviolence, has made me love her that much more. Having this bluesy feel with a touch of jazz, pop, and rock. You can almost feel her influences and inspirations. It’s almost as though that she is speaking them to you, without saying a word about them. Its a beautiful masterpiece and an excellent follow-up. I cannot wait for more.

I without a doubt recommend listening to anything by her, especially if you just enjoy music for the sake of what it is, art. If you don’t want to buy her album just yet without listening to something, she has to videos, West Coast and Shades Of Cool, up and running on YouTube, and Vevo, and I am sure her website. Give her a good click, and just listen. She is slowly becoming one of my favorite singers of today’s generation.

Please click one of the links below if you would like a listen:

West Coast – Lana Del Rey

Shades Of Cool – Lana Del Rey


1. Cruel World (6:39)

2. Ultraviolence (4:11)

3. Shades Of Cool (5:42)

4. Brooklyn Baby (5:51)

5. West Coast (4:16)

6. Sad Girl (5:17)

7. Pretty When You Cry (3:54)

8. Money Power Glory (4:30)

9. Fucked My Way Up To The Top (3:32)

10. Old Money (4:31)

11. The Other Woman (3:01)