Hello, and Welcome to my blog.

My name is Liz (as if the username doesn’t give it away). To say what I do would be a lot of things, but what I am is an aspiring artist. No, not the kind that paint, draw, or sculpt. I wouldn’t even say I write music (future endeavor), what I will say is that I help create the music (or ideas) people have into a beautiful masterpiece they can take home. My art is with computers, microphones, and amps.

I am also currently receiving treatment for Stage IV Melanoma in my lungs. Fun stuff. I’ve been battling cancer for 3 years now (Oct. 5 will be the exact day), and its been a pretty stressful ride, but I am alive, and that’s what matters. I don’t talk about it much, but there will be moments I may go off the radar for a little too long, don’t give up on me, I am just probably feeling too sick to be motivated for a post.

Most of my blog is going to be about music. I’m a big fan of music, in fact my life practically revolves around music, so most of the blogs you will be reading are about music, and not just any genre either. Metal is just about the only genre I give any fucks about. I live, breathe, eat metal, and I love sharing my opinion about it. I apologize ahead of time if you don’t agree, or if you don’t like my “sailor” mouth, as I try to keep it to a minimum but sometimes extra emphasis is required. But other genre’s will be included, they will just be few and far between.

I also enjoy talking about movies, and comics. When I am not at a concert, or listening to a new album, I’m usually at the movies, watching a movie, or at the local comic store purchasing new comics.

Another fair warning, I am a female, so don’t be surprised for a few posts/rants about some girly stuff. I don’t do them much, but I do enjoy them. I live by my nose, and what looks right on me.

I will also be starting a vlog at some point and the link will be posted here but alas, it is not ready yet.

I have a Facebook page, in case you’d like to talk and keep in touch. www.facebook.com/lizziedeath

I also have an Instagram, in case you’re an InstaGeek @Evilizabeth89

Twitter coming soon.


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